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I was born in 1965 in Budapest, Hungary, majored in Mathematics in the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE). From 1988 I worked as a software engineer for Novotrade International, a large independent entertainment software company based in Budapest. From 1990-1995 I lived in Santa Cruz and I have been working in Borland, in the Languages (C/C++) group. I moved back to Hungary in May 1995, joining Novotrade again -- this time it was renamed to  Appaloosa (now defunct...). I was CTO at Appaloosa On-Line, a dot.com spinoff, creating  bonus.com, an internet service for kids (also defunct since...). In 1998 I became co-founder and CTO of eRAD/ImageMedical and work there since. I am married to Krisztina since 1988. We have a brand a boy Márton and a baby girl Eszter.

If you are interested in more, please read my professional resume.


I like MUSIC. I used to play classic rock in a rock band. I also play Jazz -- keyboard and guitar a little bit.

And then there is the game GO.

I also like math and CS PUZZLES.

I have a CAT called Csipi, and a DOG called Blanka.

I also own a WARTBURG as a fun car. While its small brother, the Trabi became well known and quite popular after the collapse of the GDR, the Wartburg has become a cult car recently. My 1963 Warburg is a real oldtimer, these old ones were actually quite nice cars as opposed to the ones built after the 70's (although even they are quite unique)...

Then there are other interests, such as  LANGUAGES, PHYLOSOPHY, SCIENCE...


Gábor Ligeti

phone: +36 1 489 4701 or +1 864 640 8661
cellular: +36 30 952 4240
e-mail: g l i g e t i at eradimagemedical youknowthedotcomeshere com
Gábor Ligeti

phone: +36 1 384 2236
e-mail: g l i g e t i at mail adothere datanet anotherdot hu