Gábor Ligeti
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Research and development in new and challenging fields of computer science.


I have experience in designing and developing Internet (TCP/IP, CGI, HTML, Java, Javascript) software, systems software (DOS extender, memory managers, graphics and music drivers), compiler, linker and debugger technologies.

I have also written tools, utilities and games, in assembler, Java, C and C++ for DOS, Windows, Windows NT and Unix operating systems and the Internet. I have designed software for the 6502, 8086 through 80486 and the 8x87 family of processors. Because of my background in mathematics, I have a good understanding of underlying mathematical algorithms in both systems and higher level software.

I am experienced in software design/architecture and technical leadership of a team in complex projects


99 Nov - Co-founder and CTO of eRAD/ImageMedical (US/Hungary)
I am currently responsible for leading the development of eRAD/ImageMedical's PACS product line for digital radiology solutions, in a complex DICOM, HL7, TCP/IP, java, C/C++, Windows, Unix, SQL environment.

95 June - 2000 Architect/Director of R&D Appaloosa On-Line (Hungary)
I was architecting and directing the development work for Appaloosa's (ex-Novotrade Software) on-line Internet service Bonus. We use the latest cutting-edge technology with Java, Javascript, CGI, database driven HTML generation, TCP-IP technologies for multi-user games, etc.
Before the Internet project I have been working on 3D game technologies for 3D video console platforms (Sega Saturn, Sony PSX).

94 August - 95 April Software Engineer Borland International (US)
I worked as an employee at Borland International on new compiler-aided debugging technology called CodeGuard that allows C/C++ memory corruption detection besides the usual parameter detection technologies at run-time library and system calls.
I also have developped a new memory manager that has since been used in Borland's run-time library. This delivers a performance of tens or hundreds time faster than the current memory managers used in competitive products.

90 August-94 August Software Designer/Engineer Novotrade, Inc./Borland International (US)
As an employee of Novotrade I was designing, analyzing and developing systems software, DOS extender technologies, memory management and compiler/linker technologies for Borland International in a long term contract. I have played a key role in designing and creating Borland's unique DPMI-based DOS extender/loader technologies for 16 and 32 bit protected mode applications, featuring DOS DLLs and Windows/Windows NT system and console API emulation. This has been a crucial part of many Borland products including Borland Pascal version 7.0, Borland C++ 2.0 through 4.5, and Paradox version 4.0 and 4.5. This product has been sold as an add-on to Borland C++ 4.x, marketed under the name PowerPack for DOS. I have also been working on linker, compiler and debugger technologies for the Borland Languages R&D Division. This work included programming in assembler, C and C++, for DOS, Windows, Win32 and Windows NT operating systems. I also wrote several utilities in connection with compiler products for the Borland Languages R&D Division.

87 May-90 March Game designer/Architect Novotrade, Inc.
I have worked as an architect and project manager for Novotrade in many computer game projects. I have worked with many companies in joint projects including Rubik's Studio - Hungary, Electronic Arts - US (Sentinel Worlds I - C64), Mastertronic - US (California Pro Golf - PC), Piranha - UK (Judge Death - C64), EPYX - US (Championship Wrestling - C16). I have written graphics and music tools, copy protection package and drivers used in many Novotrade projects.


83/84 - 87/88 Eötvös Loránd (ELTE) University of Sciences and Arts, Budapest, Hungary
I completed a 5-year degree program in Mathematics at the ELTE University. I specialized in Statistics, and also took courses in Computer Science. My thesis work was on computer simulations of stochastic processes.

During high school in Hungary, I participated in national competitions in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science and received several awards, among them:
  • 1981 5th place of Hungarian National High School Mathematics Competition
  • 1982 3rd place of Budapest Youth Computer Science Competition
  • 1983 7th place in Hungarian High School Physics Competition


English (fluent), Hungarian (native), German (fair)


I have been married since 1988. I am interested in music, games, traveling and languages.